So You Know Your Brand Archetype. Now What?

Unlocking the Vast Potential of Your Identity

When Carol Peterson and Margaret Mark published The Hero and the Outlaw in 2001, the concept of brand archetypes made quite a splash in the identity world. These principles of brand archetypes, though often uncredited, seem to be nearly codified across a plethora of websites today. Indeed, for business owners and managers, becoming self-aware of their company’s brand archetype can profoundly impact both identity and business success. However, what often gets lost in the vast internet sea is that simply knowing your brand archetype is just the beginning.

While it’s perfectly fine for consulting companies to help identify your company’s archetype, this is just scratching the surface. The real treasure lies in the hidden potential of what can be done with this knowledge when properly leveraged.

Brand archetypes might seem superficially static, but their true depth lies in a realm that algorithms or AI can’t easily grasp. It’s a purely intuitive human dimension, rooted in the collective unconscious. It’s through this mysterious, nonlinear mental journey that the unlimited potential of archetypes is unlocked.

So, what should you do once you’ve pinpointed your brand archetype? This is where engaging a creative professional becomes invaluable. Understanding your brand archetype as a guiding star provides stable ground for innovative and effective branding strategies.

Trasaterra takes brand archetypes to the next level with our unique Cortype methodology. This approach delves into how your brand resonates with the archetypes of different audience segments, unlocking potent communication strategies. By tailoring messaging to specific cohorts, Cortype fosters deeper connections with customers and employees, driving engagement and retention.

In conclusion, knowing your brand archetype is not the destination; it’s the starting point. It’s the key to unlocking a world of possibilities for your brand, guiding you to make informed, impactful decisions that resonate with your audience and strengthen your business.

Jason Paul Guzman is a partner at the branding, design and web agency Trasaterra in New York City. Trasaterra’s creative philosophy and methodology is rooted in audience attraction through brand authenticity.



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Thoughts by Jason Paul Guzman, co-founder of brand/design/web agency Trasaterra with Ewa Orzech in 2010. Jason's creative expertise spans 25 years and counting.